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5 things to consider with packaging design

5 things to consider with packaging design

Do you have a product you sell?  If yes, are you happy with your packaging or is it dated?  Maybe you have a new product but aren’t sure where to start with package design?

Whether you are starting from scratch or giving your packaging a fresh update you will want to consider the following:


If your logo is green and blue, you will want to create packaging that works well with your brand colours and are consistent with all of your other marketing collateral.  You don’t want to confuse your customers with packaging that doesn’t match up to the colours on your website or flyers.  You’ve worked hard to build relationships with your customers – don’t try to confuse them.


Simple, eye-catching designs work best.  Busy, confusing images and text will not get attention on the shelf.  Customers should be able to identify the company and the purpose of the product quickly.  If they don’t know what the product is, they probably won’t put the time in to find out.


If you have an image on the packaging of the product, it should accurately represent the contents.  If you show an image of large pieces of colourful candy on the package, but the contents are small and come in only one colour your customer will feel cheated.  You want to show your product in the best light, but don’t deceive your customers with false promises.


Are seniors your target audience?  If yes, you will want to use a larger font to make it easy to read.  Think about who buys your product and design for them.  You don’t want to have an image of a middle-aged couple on your product if you are marketing to teenagers.


Like most writing, less is best.  Don’t stuff your packaging full of copy.  Nobody wants to read a bunch of text on a package.  Keep it succinct and provide only necessary information.  Of course, you should add your website URL so customers can visit to find out more about your products.

These are five things to consider when designing packaging for your product.  Have we missed something that you think is important to package design?  Let us know what you think is essential for fresh and engaging packaging.