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Add Video to Your Content Marketing Plan

Add Video to Your Content Marketing Plan

Are you thinking about adding video to your content marketing plan?

Adding video is a smart way to add interest to your online marketing.  Video has proven to increase engagement, as people tend to give more attention to it than text.  It can also help improve search engine ranking, and we will give you some tips on how to do this in our video series.

But where do you begin now?

Create a plan

Like all of your other marketing efforts it’s best to start with a plan. You will want to decide what role you expect video to play.  Will it be a way to deliver brand storytelling or will you use it as a tutorial about your products or services?  Will it be both?

Perhaps you will want to interview subject matter experts, or you can feature employees who can discuss their expertise with your audience.  There are many choices, and it can be overwhelming.

Having a clear idea about your goals is a necessary first step and will help you keep your videos relevant.


You will also need to decide what you can budget.  Your budget can help you determine if you will take care of the video in-house or hire a production company.  If you are just starting out with video, you may decide that producing it yourself will be most cost effective.  This may not be the case however, so it’s best to do your research.  Through our series on video, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of in-house versus hiring outside expertise.

Where to share

Once you’ve incorporated video into your content marketing plan, you will also want to decide if you will use it on your website or share through your social media channels.  Both are effective ways to increase engagement with your audience.  Videos are very popular and promote a lot of sharing.  This can be a great opportunity for your business that your competitors may not be taking advantage of.


There is no rule about how often you need to create new videos.  It will depend on your strategy, goals and budget.  If you don’t publish newsletters, blog posts, e-books or whitepapers then you may want to have a regular schedule of video clips.  Again, this should be determined in the planning stage.


We will be exploring the use of video marketing in upcoming blog posts.  In the meantime let us know your questions.  We are happy to add your concerns in future articles.