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Does Facebook Advertising Work?

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Does Facebook Advertising Work?

Businesses that fail at Facebook advertising usually do so because their business model is not a good fit for this particular network.

With over 757 million daily users and more than 1.23 billion monthly users, there is terrific opportunity for your business through the use of Facebook advertising.

However, keep in mind, users are on Facebook to connect with friends, not to buy products.

So how do businesses benefit then? How do you get users to click your ads? Buy your products?


Well, the purpose of using Facebook for business purposes is to generate demand. Not fulfill demand.

Businesses who tried Facebook advertising and had little to no success decided that Facebook advertising doesn’t work. This is not necessarily true.


It is critical to have a clear picture of who your ideal customer is and to learn how to engage them in conversation. Without this knowledge, you cannot effectively reach your desired market.

How do Businesses Generate Effective Conversions?

Remember, visitors that land on your website through Facebook were never looking for your product in that moment. Instead your ad generated an impulse click. Therefore, relying on them to immediately buy something from you and produce a ROI (return on your investment) is more likely to set you up for failure.


Facebook business ads that work ask users to sign up, not to buy. This means you must use a low-friction conversion ‘call to action’ to be successful.

It is best to stick to simple conversions, not big commitments or purchases. Signing up for your service, filling out a short lead form, or submitting an email address are requests much more likely to yield results.


Designing an Effective Business Model for Facebook Ads

When you initially only ask for an email address, eventually you need to make money from these users for your ads to be profitable.

The business model that best fits Facebook ads earns revenue from users over time, not all at once.


Even if you sell products, not services, you should consider focusing on a conversion like a newsletter signup. In this way you begin to build rapport, trust and interest. You can upsell later through email marketing.


Groupon is a great example of a business that can succeed with Facebook advertising. When you click one of their ads, they just ask for your email address, and sell you on a deal later.


Effective Ad Content and Placement

Similar to running an ad in the newspaper, if you don’t research what to say and place the ad in the wrong section, it won’t work.

Alternatively, if you understand what your potential customer wants, word it accordingly (solving their problem), and research the best placement area, your ad will be much more successful.

Facebook is unsurpassed when it comes to narrowing down your target market. That is why it is critically important for you to know who you are selling to.

When creating Facebook ads, you have access to a huge database that offers specific details to help your targeting. Every user offers some or all profile data such as age, sex, location, education, religion, interests, politics, job title, marital status, etc, and all of this same info can be used by you as a filter to target your ads.

Facebook display ads are terrific when executed correctly. It is a way for your business to show up on the side of your target market’s page, and quite literally be in their face without ever shoving anything down their throat.

It is up to you to make sure the other side of their click is a low-friction request. Grab their interest, not their wallet. Help them make a buying decision at a later time.

No matter what type of advertising you do, there is never a guarantee. Be it online anywhere, in print, on TV or on radio, businesses must research best models for effectively speaking to their ideal target markets, cast a carefully crafted net and hope for positive results.

You can count on 2 things. The first is no advertising will likely produce no results. The second is, it is impossible to predict results. However, if you do your homework and learn what to say and how to say it, you probably stand a pretty good chance of increased sales.

Facebook must be carefully managed or the time invested will not yield a significant return on investment.

If you are looking to learn more about how Facebook advertising can help your business, it is a really good idea to call upon an expert.

Where is a great place to start and learn more?

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