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Everything You Need to Know About Remarketing

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Everything You Need to Know About Remarketing

If you do any sort of online shopping, you may have visited an online retailer and later realized that the same retailer has ads that seem to follow you on different websites. This is known as remarketing, and it’s an extremely powerful marketing technique for online advertisers. Remarketing allows you to target people who have previously visited your website. Your ads are shown on other websites that are in the Display Network. Your website visitors are tagged with a cookie once they visit a certain page on your website, and they are then added to a remarketing list. To get the very basics of how to add the piece of code that tags your website visitors with a cookie.

Remarketing, if done correctly, is a very effective way to stay relevant in the eyes of your visitors, encourage repeat purchases, and build overall brand awareness.

Decide What Pages to Tag

When embarking on a remarketing campaign, you need to decide what pages you’re going to tag. This directly correlates to your marketing objectives, and what you wish to accomplish with your campaign. As an example, let’s say that you’re a retail business that wants try to generate 15% more sales in a 2-week period. You could target visitors who bounced from your product pages without making a purchase.

Create Multiple Campaigns for Different Goals

Many advertisers make the mistake of creating and running the same campaign for multiple ad groups. That one-size-fits-all approach won’t be successful because each of your remarketing ad groups should serve a different purpose.

For example, the purpose of one remarketing list may be to build overall brand awareness and authority; the purpose of another remarketing list may be to generate repeat purchases from past customers.

One of the great advantages of remarketing is that you can customize your campaign to meet a specific goal..

Create Optimized Landing Pages

Let’s say that you’re running a Christmas-themed remarketing campaign. Instead of sending your list to a generic web page, send prospects to an optimized landing page that references both Christmas and anything that is relevant to that remarketing list. Once you’ve created your pages, you will add the remarketing tag to those specific pages.

Set a Frequency Cap

One of the most important, but often overlooked, elements of remarketing campaigns is the amount of times someone will see your ad. If they see too little of it, you’re less likely to grab their attention; if they see too much of it, they’re likely to suffer from ad fatigue, and they won’t hesitate to tune out your advertising. In your account, we can easily set a frequency cap to limit the amount of times someone will see your ad daily. The amount of times that someone will see your ad will vary on your business, your industry, and your objective. Generally speaking, a frequency cap of 3-5 times per day is standard among advertisers.


Remarketing is an indispensable technique for the online advertiser who is looking to leverage their existing web traffic. Using the tips in this blog post, you can utilize remarketing to build your brand’s image, rekindle interest from visitors who bounced from your site, and to trigger repeat purchases from your existing customers.

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