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Get started with Instagram

Get started with Instagram

Instagram is a unique social media platform that can help round out your social media efforts for your business.

But isn’t Facebook and Twitter enough?

Yes.  If you are using Facebook and Twitter successfully for your business then it may be enough to spread the word about you and your company.  But are there audiences you are not reaching?

As you may expect teenagers are the largest users at 37%, but you may not know that 18% of users are ages 30-49.  And those who are ages 50-64 make up 6% of Instagram’s users.

What is Instagram?

Let’s begin by learning what Instagram is and how it can help you.

Instagram is an image and video sharing social media platform.  It allows you to take photos and videos, and then post them to your account.  It also gives you the option to use filters on your images to give them a unique look.

And like Twitter it allows you to follow people and companies and others can follow you.  This can help build valuable relationships and increase your online presence.

Make a plan

Before you open your account it’s a good idea to decide what to use your account for.  As a business owner you will, of course, want to focus on your company.  Instagram allows you to show a unique side of your business.

If you’ve already integrated your social media into your marketing plan, it will be a snap to add Instagram.

But if you haven’t yet, start by thinking about your customer or the people you want to become your customer.  Once you have an idea about your audience you can start to tailor the message you want to communicate.

Get started

The first thing you need to do is open an Instagram account.  Try to use the same name that you use for Twitter – it makes things easier for your audience to find you.  Once you have opened your account be sure to fill out the profile – be sure to include a photo and bio.

Now that you’re ready, start taking pictures.

Have a new product you’re ready to launch?  Maybe you could give people a sneak peek or show your staff using the new item.  It’s always a good idea to show images of people, especially people on your team.  It’s a nice way for your audience to feel connected.

You can also start following others.  Connect with your customers, follow other businesses and find some companies and people who use Instagram well – it’s great for inspiration.

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