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Google Adwords for Your Business

Google Adwords for Your Business

As a business owner you’re pulled in many directions.

You have employees to manage.  Financial issues to keep on top of.  And all while trying to bring new business in.

It can be overwhelming sometimes.

Finding new customers has changed with so many of your competitors amplifying their online presence.  They’re using content marketing strategies such as blogging and social media.

And you are too.

But some of your competitors have found success with search engine marketing (SEM) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Could this be what you need to gain an edge?  And will you be able to add this to your lengthy to-do list.

This is a big topic and we’ll give you an overview of what it is, why it may work for you and how your company can benefit in this two-part series.

What is it?

You’ve heard of PPC and Google AdWords, and how it can help find customers for your company.  But you’re not entirely sure what’s involved and how much of your limited time and budget it will take.

As the name suggests pay-per-click advertising is online advertising that only incurs a cost when someone clicks on that ad.

Whenever you do a search on Google there will be a few ads that are at the top of the results page.  They are clearly marked as advertisements.

And these ads are specific and targeted to the search terms that were used.

Say you want to search for a retailer who sells work boots in your area.  When you type this in to Google you’ll see a few paid ads at the top of the page.  These ads will showcase local retailers who sell work boots.

But does anyone click on these ads?

Yes they do, because the ads are specific to their needs.  With a work boot search there are no ads popping up that sell office furniture or appliances.

It’s good for searchers and advertisers.  Searchers find what they’re looking for, and advertisers are finding customers who want what they sell.

What search terms? 

As we mentioned your ad will appear in search results when the searcher uses your keywords or your location.

Google AdWords helps you set up your campaign by using specific keywords and locations.

Perhaps you are the largest supplier of work boots in your region.  You can target your campaign by choosing to advertise only in your area.  Whatever area you want, whether it’s your town, your region or your country.  This ensures you’re finding the right people in the right place.

Find out more

We will continue with our article on AdWords in the next post to give you further information about keywords and costs for using this valuable service.

In the meantime if you want more details about how AdWords can work for your business, contact Ancell Marketing.