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How To Choose Hosting For Your Business Website

How To Choose Hosting For Your Business Website

So it’s time to redo your website.

Your old website helped your business, but it’s looking outdated.  Tired.  Irrelevant.

You’re in the process of looking for a web developer.  And during your research you’ve come across a lot of information about web hosting.

But does the type of hosting matter?  You just want a modern website that serves your business.

Imagine this.  You’ve made the investment to develop a functional and user-friendly site.  But you decided that hosting wasn’t a priority, so you went with the first hosting option you came across.  Now it’s time to launch and everything is going well.

Then you decide to hold a promotion and the online orders are coming in fast and furious.  And then your site goes down.  It can’t handle the traffic.  Every minute that your site is down you are losing customers.

That’s not good.  But with the right hosting for your website this wouldn’t happen.

So let’s talk about the right hosting for your business website.

Find The Perfect Match

There are several different types of hosting.  Let’s take a look at the following three:

  • Shared
  • Private
  • Free

Shared is when your business website shares a server with other websites.  One of the advantages of a shared server is the cost tends to be lower.  One of the disadvantages is that it can be a slower option.

Private is when your business website is the only website using a server.  This can mean a faster site since you’re the only one using the server.  This is a good option if you have high security needs on your site.

Free means that it’s, well, free.  This is a good option for a website you want to start for a personal interest.  It is probably not the best choice for a business site, as many free options will place banner ads on your site.  The free option will usually mean a slower site and can crash often.

Improve SEO 

Choosing the right hosting for your site can affect your search engine optimization.

Two of the factors that can affect SEO are site speed and site downtime.

If your site speed is good it will get a better rating from Google compared to a site that loads slowly.

And search engine spiders regularly visit your site to help them assess your ranking.  If you’ve chosen a host that is down regularly, it can affect your where you rank.  When searching for a host be sure to find out how often their servers go down.

If you’re looking for hosting options contact Ancell Marketing.  We have several hosting choices, and we can help you decide what will work best for your business website.