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How To Choose The Best Email Option For Your Business

How To Choose The Best Email Option For Your Business

It’s hard to imagine that business owners of the past didn’t have email.

What would you do without email?  It would probably feel nice for the first week.  No worries about keeping on top of your inbox or getting back to people.

Option For Your Business

But the feeling wouldn’t last long.  We do so much of our business communication through email it would be difficult to work as efficiently without it.

We rely on email to help with our customers’ questions, find suppliers for our products and keep our clients up to date on their projects.

And different businesses need different email options.  Hopefully you aren’t using your personal address for your business.  It’s hard to take someone seriously with an email handle such as soccerdad or foxymama.

But let’s assume you have a professional handle that is related to your business.  Do you also have your website domain as your email address?

This is just one of your options to consider when choosing the right email service for your company.

The Right Name

As we just discussed having the right email address is a first step in building credibility as a business owner.

To further build your credibility you should consider using your web domain as your email address.  Although free email services such as Gmail work well, using your business name helps with your company branding.  It also looks more professional.

So using is a fine option, it’s better to use something like

The Right Security

Nobody likes spam.  It’s annoying and wastes your time.  And time is a precious thing for a business owner.

Using a trusted email provider will help you keep junk mail out of your inbox.  And keeping this out of your inbox will help save you time, but also prevent email security threats such as viruses.

The Right Time and Place

Many email providers can ensure that you are able to receive your email no matter where you are or what device you’re using.

Most business owners can’t imagine not having constant access to our business email.  It gives us the freedom to step away from the desk without losing contact with our customers and clients.

Be sure your email services can be used on your computer, tablet and smartphone, so you never lose touch.

If you have questions about email options for your business be sure to contact Ancell Marketing at 778.285.2288.