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How to choose the right WordPress Website Developer

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How to choose the right WordPress Website Developer

Building a website is an important decision for any business. It’s the first thing potential customers see when they go online and it sets your brand apart from others in its field, attracting new clients who are looking to do what you offer as well as showcasing existing ones so everyone knows how great things can be if given enough time on this side of town!  In this blog post we will discuss some factors that should influence which developer or designer someone chooses: 

You should never hand your project over to an unknown freelancer without knowing who will work on it. You can get a feel for their design style by either having phone calls or chats through Skype, but even meeting in person may be ideal when hiring a local designer. When you’re looking for a WordPress developer, it can be difficult to decide how best to go about finding them. One option is working remotely or face-to face with the person who will eventually build your website; another would involve searching through local directories and word of mouth before finally settling on a WordPress website developer.

It’s important that the person designing your site understands how WordPress works

If you want to have a well-designed website, it is important that the person designing your site understands how WordPress works and has experience with online presence,  skills centered around designing for web as well editing images using appropriate programs like Photoshop would also be beneficial because they allow designers create custom designs from scratch which can help grow your business in an increasingly competitive market where consumers are looking at alternatives if something isn’t “perfect.”

The ideal Web Developer should know about conversion rate optimization since this will keep customers coming back again soon after losing them once by providing better services than competitors offer; plus call to action buttons placed strategically throughout content helps drive leads directly into sales funnel without having too many banner ads everywhere bothering people while browsing.

The person or company that you’re looking for should be someone with several years experience in WordPress website development. They need to have at least 30 – 40 different sites under their belt, and it would help if these were large-scale projects rather than small ones because there’s no way of knowing what kind of technical skills they’ll use on each project! It might also be worth checking out how much time has passed since they last worked together as a team – some people prefer working alone while others have a well established team working together. Ancell Marketing has been developing in WordPress for eighteen years and counting. We have a tremendous amount of experience with a wide variety of projects from informational websites to WooCommerce online shop platforms.

What about the process?

You should ask about the website development process of each developer you speak with. Does he or she have a structured, systematic planning system that takes into account all aspects related to your project? Do they document every discussion and decision made during this time period so there are no forgotten details later on when it comes down to implementing new features for example ? Are their client testimonials available which can give insight how smoothly things went in terms of quality assurance efforts.

WordPress website development can be a tedious process. It’s not just about building the website, but also making sure all of its features work correctly after completion which can take time for an inexperienced developer or designer to accomplish properly without help from professionals who are familiar with designing websites based on templates such as WordPress’ default designs.  There are so many different options when it comes to creating your website, from themes tailored for specific projects or industries all the way down to simple blogs with no frills whatsoever! That’s why if you have an idea in mind but don’t know exactly what fits within your category then we recommend finding someone who has worked on projects similar to your company before making any final decisions about how much time to invest.  

Developer Responsiveness

Developer responsiveness is key when it comes to hiring a reliable WordPress developer. Make sure you’re getting timely responses for your emails, especially if they need quick attention or an answer soon because many web designers are engaged in multiple projects with many clients at once and may not always be able respond as quickly about questions asked during initial conversations over email exchanges between client/designer. A lot can happen within 24 hours; thus we recommend waiting no longer than that before expecting delays on responses from them while working closely together–especially.

It’s important to ask about any complementary skills a WordPress developer may have, because it can help you avoid time-consuming tasks. If they’re able and willing to perform copywriting or content editing, SEO or logo design for your website development needs then make sure that is discussed ahead of time before signing up. Web developers, copywriters, SEO specialists and graphic designers all have different skill sets and staffing resources need to be factored into the scope of the projects when deciding on the complete project needs. 

Who owns the website content?

When the website is completed, will you own all of it outright? Or are there features and functionality that WordPress developer controls which might make your life easier as long as you remain a client. For example bulk or agency licenses to certain plug-ins can be cheaper than buying them individually if needed in high numbers – but this also means those specific additions would go away if licenses are not renewed. At Ancell Marketing, all customers own their assets. From licensed themes, plugins or other assets, everything belongs to the customer and they ultimately end with full control. We are not interested in owning other’s assets.

If you have been looking for a WordPress development agency, then you can relax now! Ancell Marketing is always here for you. Quite simply, we get things done and we’ve been website development and maintenance taskmasters since 2003 serving hundreds of companies across Canada. 

Talk to us today about your project and how to get started.