How to generate topic ideas for your blog – Part Two in our blogging series

Posted on July 14th, 2015

Trying to think of blog ideas can be painful.  So painful that it’s tempting to skip the whole thing.  But it doesn’t have to be.  I am going to help you come up with a plan to generate ideas, so that you’ll never be stuck again.


Whether you’ve been blogging for a while, or haven’t yet started it’s a good idea to have several categories that you can blog about.  Creating a list of categories that are relevant to your business will help you zero in on ideas.  Because sometimes you know so much about a topic it’s hard to know where to start.

Let’s say you own a paint store.  There are many categories relating to paint that you could write about.  Such as:

  • Colour
  • Interior or exterior
  • Finish
  • DIY
  • Professional Painters
  • Style

I could go on, but you can see how defining categories will help you focus and come up with ideas.

Deciding on an angle

You now have a list of categories, but you will need to narrow it down to make it more specific.  You could write an entire book about paint colour, but your customer is looking for quick and accessible answers.

This is when you can draw on your experience with customers about the kind of questions they ask.  Did they ask you what colour help babies sleep, or the best colour to paint a kitchen, or what is the most popular colour of the year?  You’ve got three ideas right there.

You could also think of the questions your customers should ask but don’t.  You may have a great idea about how to improve the painting process so that it will save time and money.  These ideas can help develop new relationships with customers that you didn’t expect.

Guest bloggers

There are times when you can even have somebody else generate ideas and write the blog for you.  Your staff can be a great resource.  They are usually the front line experts and may have a lot to offer in terms of knowledge and experience.  You could even ask a customer.  Your customer will offer a unique perspective about their experience in choosing a paint colour or why they decided to paint the ceiling themselves.

Put the word out that you are accepting ideas and blog posts.  This will help fill in your blogging schedule.

Blogging Schedule

Yes, you should have a schedule.  Trust me.  You will be so happy that you have a schedule with your list of ideas and topics when it’s time to write.

I would suggest having at least three months worth of topics – whatever your publication frequency is.

Set some time aside to work on idea generation and see what you come up with.  And let me know how you decide on your topics.