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Importance of Keyword Research For SEO

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Importance of Keyword Research For SEO

At its core, every SEO strategy worth investing in requires keyword research. It is the information from this research that leads to well-informed decisions that are likely to give a return. Keyword research gives direction to a marketing strategy.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research involves finding potentially valuable keywords that will be used for your website’s content marketing and SEO. Keywords can either be just a single word or a string of them. These keywords, once established, will then help decide on how best to make any content on the site coincide with them and be easily searchable.

A good set of keywords and well-done keyword research needs to be able to answer the following questions:

  • What are internet users searching for?
  • Are my keywords targeting that?
  • Does the content on my site align with these keywords?
  • How many people are using these keywords?

Depending on your goals, you should identify suitable, high-volume search words that will give you a constantly-streaming audience. Keyword research needs to be a repetitive process because standards and algorithms are ever-changing, and is a great way to always stay ahead of the pack in terms of online visibility.

Importance of Keyword Research

Determining Niche Avenues

Even if your business’ industry is a crowded one, keyword research helps determine niches that you could explore for maximum profitability. By finding keywords that your competitors are targeting, you can then establish more effective keyword combinations or keywords that are not quite being targeted as much and take advantage. Being at the forefront of any changes to search patterns can ensure that you are always ahead of the curve and keep your website on the online map.

Optimized Website Structure

Determining website structure should ideally be done after keyword research. From blog content to URLs, page titles, and navigation, having the correct terms can greatly improve your SEO. If this was not done during the initial website design, refreshing the content or design offers another opportunity to perform keyword research and optimize every aspect of your website. It is important to ensure consistency throughout the website, even in the meta titles and image descriptions, when you optimize other areas to match your SEO goals.

Curating SEO Content

With an optimized website structure, the next step is to have relevant SEO content which will also be informed by keyword research. It is important to include variations of the keywords according to your business or the service that you are offering. Great content brings in visitors and improves on conversion, but the visitors will be brought in by having a strong keyword game.

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