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Increase credibility with a customer-centric blog

Increase credibility with a customer-centric blog

Have you spent any time looking through corporate blogs, or maybe the blogs of your competitors?  What did you think?

There are probably some that engaged you, and probably more that bored you.  Think about why you felt this way.

If I’m looking for information I am repelled by blogs that are “salesy” or only about that company or product.  I’m not ready for that part of the process.  I’m in the browsing stage.

Most of us want to do some research before we are ready to buy.  It used to be that we depended on sales people to give us our information, but with the internet we are often equipped with as much information as a sales person.

You may have experienced this with your own customers.  They come in with mountains of information – some of it good and some of it bad.  It is now the job of the sales person to help the customer sift through the information and offer some clarity.

Help your customer

So how do you help your customer when they are not ready to buy?  Well, the first thing you should do is put yourself in their shoes.

If you are a potential customer and you want to know how to make your own business cards you will Google “how to make my own business cards.”  Then you hope the information that pops up will answer that question.

As the owner of a printing shop you want people to print their business cards with you, so you have a blog article that addresses this question.  Your article will have good information with quality tips that will help your customer succeed in designing their own business cards.

Now it’s time for this customer to print their cards.  Where do you think they’ll go?

This is why having a customer-centric point of view is so important when trying to write your business blog.  Once you have built credibility your relationship with your customer can progress.

Keep your customer

So you’ve gained some new customers because you’ve proven yourself to be a trustworthy and helpful business owner.  Now is not the time to stop providing them with quality information.

You may be thrilled with the new products or services your company has to offer, but instead of telling us about it tell us what it can do for us.  Changing the perspective of your blog from about you to about your customer is one of the best ways build trust.

We hope you are learning more about blogging for business in this series.  Check back next week as we explore the nuts and bolts of writing a blog.