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  • successful Google Ads Campaigns and a lower price per click.
  • to rise above the competition
  • to stay engaged with your existing customer base

We’ll help you target YOUR Ideal Customer

Most businesses do NOT have a clear picture of who their ideal customer is. For this reason, they waste a lot of time and money trying to sell their product or service to people who aren’t good potential customers on Google Ads. Your ability to clearly define and focus in on the customers who will buy is essential to your business success.

Google Ads Campaigns

Ancell Marketing specializes in managing Google Ads campaigns across various industries. We help our customers stay within budget by way of targeted research and cost effective marketing, while maximizing monies invested in Pay-Per-Click advertising.

Get better results and higher click through rates.

It is a good idea to hire an expert in order to avoid spending money that generates little to zero results. Now, more than ever, people are searching locally. Geo-targeting ensures advertisements and keywords in your PPC campaign target a local search. Campaigns can be search, display or a mix. Display is both text and graphic ads on other websites, and a search ad is on the search engine when people are typing and looking for answers. Campaign components include length, budget and target of the campaign, and relevant traffic mediums. Rise above your competition. See the new and improved view of your business on the front page of Google.

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Targeted Keyword Research

Identifying keywords that generate high-quality traffic is key to managing your marketing spend on Google because you pay every time someone clicks on your advertisement.

Google Ads Advertising

When people are on Google, they are actually looking for something or some idea.

Display ads
allow you to get in front of the person looking for what you do and catch their attention immediately.

With display ads, they are coming to you. It is NOT you forcing your way in front of them.

The objective is to identify what people in a specific area want the most when they are looking for a product or service to solve their problem or pain point.

There are several ways somebody can search for an idea without using the exact words.

Site Speed

One of the elements that contributes to Google’s decision on what you will pay per click is the speed of your website. Speed is crucial for your business to achieve a top position in paid and organic searches. Properly developed website code helps guarantee a higher ranking.
When writing the ad , you are selling the ‘click’. The website has to do the rest.

Cut costly mistakes and guesswork out of online advertising.

We stay on top of the latest developments in search marketing and work with you to improve your Google AdWords campaigns.

Get thorough Google Ads campaign reporting with measurable sales results at reasonable rates.

When you are ready to create successful ad campaigns and expand your audience, contact Ancell Marketing.