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The Best Tactics to Boost Your Online Referrals

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The Best Tactics to Boost Your Online Referrals

Some of the very best traffic that your business can receive is via word of mouth. Referral traffic is extremely valuable because it sends qualified and interested visitors to your website, and this type of traffic is very likely to convert into sales. The source of the referral is likely to originate from a satisfied customer, and once your business has been vouched by such a customer, half of the battle has already been won.

Most of the businesses that receive referrals are not actively hunting for them—they usually receive them sporadically. However, if you actively pursue referrals, you’re likely to receive them. The purpose of this blog post is to discuss a few ways you can organically grow your referrals to generate more revenue for your business.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask

The first step to receiving more referrals is to ask your existing customers for the referral. This is one thing that many businesses are hesitant to do, but it’s something that can yield a high return if done properly.

Only ask for a referral after the customer has had time to experience your product and service. Some businesses make the mistake of asking for referral the very same day that the product is delivered, which makes the business look desperate and over-eager. Wait a few days, and send either a personalized or automated email that specifically mentions the referral. If you know that you have an excellent product or service that will “wow” your customers, you should feel no hesitation in asking for a referral. A post-purchase email with details about your referral program can be a great tool to win you new customers.

Create an Online Referral Program

Some of your customers may adore your product, but that doesn’t always translate into new referrals for your business. There are times when you may need to give them a little push to get the referrals that you want. An incentive can be the push your customers need. Here’s an example of an incentive:

Refer a friend and receive a 40% discount on your next purchase.

The example above accomplishes a few things:

  • It’s offering an incentive. That 40% off will seem very enticing to some of your customers, especially if they liked your products.
  • Creating a referral program where the referrer receives a reward is extremely effective.
  • The referral request is encouraging repeat sales from that customer. The more a customer buys from you, the more loyal they become. A 40% off discount encourages repeat purchases.

Feature your Referral CTAs Prominently

Your customers are living busy lives. Sheepishly asking for a referral won’t win you new business.

Where ever you post your CTA, make sure that it’s clear, straight to the point, and easy to understand.

Don’t be afraid to post your CTA on multiple web pages. The more your customers see your referral program, the more they’ll keep it in mind.


Are you currently using your existing customer base to bring in more revenue? If not, use these suggestions to create a referral generation system that will consistently elevate your profits.