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Video Content: Should you hire someone or do it yourself?

Video Content: Should you hire someone or do it yourself?

You are interested in adding video to your website and social media channels, and you’ve done some research.

But the videos you’ve seen are inconsistent.  Some good, some bad.  Whether they are done in-house or if they’ve hired a professional.  Many companies seem to be using video just for the sake of using video.

And these are smart business people who know the same things you do:

  • Videos are frequently shared and have the potential to go viral
  • Videos help improve your SEO ranking
  • Videos offer engaging and useful information to your audience

So how do you do it the right way?  Do you do it yourself with all of your expertise and experience?  Or do you hire a professional who may know nothing about your industry, but has expertise in video production?

Let’s talk about the advantages of both scenarios.

In-house video

  • Less expensive.  You’ve got a phone right?  You can easily film a video using your phone.  A simple video may be all you need if you want to create a video blog.
  • More nimble.  Breaking news in your company or industry?  You can respond immediately with a quick video filmed on your phone or video camera and share through your social media channels.  Videos are more likely to get shared on social media than posts without.
  • More personal.  What you may lack in video expertise can be made up in engagement with your customer.  Maybe you have a new product that is about to be launched and you want to give a quick teaser.  People love see behind the scenes.  And this gives you an opportunity to talk directly to your customer.

Professional video production

  • High quality.  A professionally produced video will look, well, professional.  They will be able to add music, titles and good lighting.  They will also be able to edit.  An important and often overlooked skill with self-produced videos.
  • Experience.  A video production company will have the experience to know what works and what doesn’t.  If you want to produce a series of videos, a full service production company will have experienced staff to help you maintain consistent storytelling and branding, and can work with you to develop your marketing plan and messaging.  This big picture thinking will have your videos looking polished instead of amateurish.
  • Equipment.  A professional will have up-to-date equipment, whether it’s a camera, lighting or post-production software.  This equipment and the expertise to use it will give your videos a high-production value that you probably can’t do yourself. 

Through your research you have decided that video will be a part of your content marketing strategy.  Your worst fear, however is that your videos will end up making you look unprofessional.

There are advantages to doing the videos yourself and to hiring a professional.  With a little bit of planning, you can decide which decision will work best for your company.

In our next post find out the different types of videos you can create for your business.