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Writing an effective services web page

Writing an effective services web page

Earlier this month we talked about when it’s time to redesign or update your website. Not only does updating your site help with faster navigation, improved SEO and better functionality, it also gives you a chance to update the content on your site.

The content on your site is a perfect opportunity to differentiate your business from others, and today we are going to focus on your services page.

We will cover your other web pages in future articles.

It’s not all about you

Web content of the past generally focused on features and benefits, and there is certainly still a need to include this information. But today, with so many websites competing for attention, it is important for your content to be engaging, useful and help solve problems.

  • You need to focus on the needs of your customer.
  • So when you are creating your services page, think about what your customer wants.
  • And do it right away. The first few sentences might be all someone will read.

How does it help me?

This should be your focus when you write your services page.

Try something like this:

Do you need landscaping help but don’t know where to start? Try Company X. We have been helping homeowners like you get the yard of their dreams for over 20 years.

These opening sentences address the problem, offer a solution and provide an example of results.

Less Is more

After a brief introduction you can start using bullet points to list your services.

Most people scan web pages. They don’t read them.

If you have a potential customer who wants to know if you install paving stones, then they will easily find this in your bullet points. Most people will not read through paragraphs of text to find the information they need.

If your company provides more than one kind of service you can have more than one services page. Having specific sub-pages makes it easy for your customers to find what they are looking for.

Call to action

At the end of your services page, and any other page on your website, include a call to action. This is an instruction of what you would like your customer to do.

Such as: If you are looking to create the yard of your dreams call us now to book a free consultation.

So now that you know how to create an appealing services page, take a look at your current services page. Can you make it more customer-centric? Content focused on your customers makes them happy – and that’s what you want.